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On so many occasions we fail to realize how much our working space influences our productivity.

There is at least one time that you saw a well-designed home office and thought to yourself, ”I wish my home looked like that.”
Believe us, your home office can look like that.
You just need a couple of special tips to make it a reality.

We are very excited to share some advanced tips that will make your modern office design more productive so let’s get started.

There are a couple of main points that we want to cover in this article. Here they are, just in case you want to skip to a topic that you’re interested in the most:

1. Plants For The Win

2. Personalise Your Space

3. It’s All About Good Lightning

4. Choose The Right Office Chair


This one was maybe obvious but we cannot start your home office decoration without a proper introduction to interior plants.

It is important to stay healthy and have a breath of fresh air in your home working space at all times, but indoor plants will increase your mood, creativity and will definitely reduce stress altogether with air pollutants.

So which kind of interior plants fit the space most perfectly? Here are some great recommendations:

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a great choice for everyone who enjoys minimalism and does not have much time to spend on high maintenance.

The plant itself easily withstands low light spots and grows normally in those conditions.
Also, the plant withstands drought pretty well so you won’t need to care about that too much either.
One important thing to keep in mind is to always wash your hands after touching the plant and make sure you keep it away from children.
One smart way to engage with the plant is to use gloves to avoid skin irritation.

Photos Plant

Photos can be the plant you’ve been looking for if you just need one that grows relatively fast without too much attention.
The only thing you should do is wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth.

The plant itself can withstand a lot of being dry so you need to water it occasionally.

This plant is perfect for any indoor environment so if you are searching for an easy and simple solution this can be a perfect choice.

Snake Plant

Snake plant improves your air, looks incredible, and can grow anywhere.
There is no wonder that it is so popular in any type of modern home office design.

Originating from Asia and Africa, these people’s favorite green decor removes cancer-causing pollutants like toluene, CO2, xylene, and many others.

Besides low maintenance keep in mind that you will need to make sure this plant is not accessible to children or pets so leave it somewhere safe far from reach.


Above all else, your office interior design is something that represents your personality so it is important that you feel comfortable.

Do not be afraid to go all out and make your home office unique. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Explore What Makes You Unique

Having cool office decor is something that not many people can pull off so how will you stand out from the crowd?

For starters, realize that this is a perfect opportunity for you to explore yourself and what makes you feel inspired, joyful, and at ease. 

You could make a list of different things you like whether it is music, culture, or art, and see how you can express it in your home office.

Wall art is a great way to make your home office unique so make sure it is filled with some amazing pictures or art pieces that represent the things that you like.

Smart accessories are also a very important aspect of your cool office decor so make sure your desk, window sill, and TV shelf are filled with some different figures or decor pieces that perfectly represent your personality.

Different desk decor ideas can make your working space much more creative and unique so don’t be afraid to experiment with different options.

Also, try to put some customized stickers on your PC or laptop to bring something different to your working gear. This is also a great opportunity to express yourself in a special way.


There is no good office environment without good lightning. Here are some first-class office room ideas to make sure your space stands out while shining bright.

If you want to catch some sun rays during the day it is important to position your windows in such a way that will give your office desk the right amount of sunlight.

Of course the same goes for your interior plants.

When it comes to night shifts when lamps become the only light solution it is important to know how to position them well around your room.

Table lamps can give so much to your interior and that is exactly why you should put one or two on your desk.

Of course, the main light is very important so make sure that your ceiling lamp is looking clean. On the contrary to a living room when it comes to your home office ceiling lamp does not need to be a huge attention-grabbing piece.

When you want to be focused throughout the day you need a simplistic Scandinavian design that is breathtaking but at the same time fitting into the environment.


We’ve all probably at least once felt uncomfortable at work or while we were working from home.

We’ve also at least once wished that we can be more productive at work by feeling more comfortable.

Choosing the right seating option is one of the most important decisions for your office interior design, and that is exactly why we want to help you to find the best one.

When choosing an office chair it is important to make sure that the comfort and aesthetics aspects are on point as well as the quality. The rest is just your personal taste.

If you are someone who values comfort above all, our soft pad office chair can be ideal for your back. Giving your back a massage this seating option will increase your mood and make your day more productive.

Stability is an important factor and our office chair’s high version gives you security and comfort. With a large backrest and firm seat, you are getting an assistant that will keep you focused at all times during the day.

Last but not least for all of you who value balance above all rest we have our medium option office chair to fill in your needs. A perfect go-to choice for everyone who wants an efficient solution for their home office without having to worry about the extras.