Our Modern Furniture

Crafted from Premium Materials

Every great design starts with raw materials used in its production. Regardless of whether it is a wooden dining chair, an elegant armchair upholstered in luxurious leather or ergonomically moulded plastic seat, each of our designs is made only from the highest-quality materials sourced from the leading suppliers. From carefully examining the texture, age and elasticity of wood to analysing the specific composition of plastic derivate materials, we never compromise on quality.

While sourcing the highest-grade materials and their subsequent processing have been formidable and pricey tasks in the past, the greater reach of logistic networks paired with the ground-breaking innovations in the fields of industrial technologies allow us to aim for the premium quality of our designs, while still keeping their prices low and affordable for all.

Handcrafted Just Like Decades Ago

With raw beauty of wood and sleek elegance of stainless steel easily standing side by side in many of the most iconic modern designs, it is only understandable that behind the factory doors and in our workshops we strive for the same blend of traditional and modern. While state of the art technology plays an important role in many of our designs, we firmly believe in making our wooden furniture just like decades ago – relying on the skills of our traditionally trained master craftsmen.

With years of experience in some of the most challenging carpentry projects behind them, our workshop teams give form to their indispensable expertise in each and every one of our wooden designs, carefully handcrafted over weeks at the time to ensure unmatched elegance and uncompromising quality.

Vintage Elegance in the Present Day

As the modern furniture design developed and took its modern form throughout the twentieth century, the technological limitations played an important role in cutting the production volume and thus increasing the prices. Today, with industrial and creative technologies making groundbreaking leaps on an almost yearly basis, we found ourselves in a unique position where we can do more with less – relying on state of the art technology to achieve that warm and cosy vintage elegance we all know and love. While many of our designs were first given form in the virtual realm of 3D models and measured and controlled through the use of most advanced optical instruments, we still keep every detail true to the spirit of the modern design aesthetic, with no out-of-time elements to interfere with their well-aged luxury and vintage appeal.

Supply Chain Perfected Over the Years

Creating flawless designs is one thing, but getting them to the customer undamaged and on time is a whole different endeavour. With our fine-tuned logistic network of manufacturers, material suppliers and couriers, we employ the cutting-edge communication technologies to keep track of the production, transport and delivery of our designs. The quality of the product is carefully checked at two crucial points in this supply chain to ensure that your delivery comes undamaged and on time. On top of it all, our dedication to e-commerce approach allows us to cut out the middle man and eliminate many unnecessary costs that would come from maintaining a network of retailers ‘in the field’. Instead, we allow you to get your designs straight out of the workshop and have them delivered straight to your doorstep, and all that at a price that can hardly be matched by any local retailer.

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