Perfect Wedding Environment

Choosing your wedding chair can be a hard job especially if you are renting space. Due to a massive expansion of wishbone chairs and Scandinavian design worldwide, more and more restaurants and wedding spaces choose wishbone chairs as their main seating option. The main reason is definitely the popularity and likeability of this mid-century classic, which creates a perfect wedding environment.

Celebrate Like A Celebrity

Many celebrities choose wishbone chairs as their wedding option which only increased the interest in these types of seating options among modern families around the world. One of the more popular ones is definitely the Biebers. Justin and Hailey. This also shows that Scandinavian design is something that is available to any modern space and not just for the privileged ones.

Capture The Important Moments

We want you to capture the most important moments of your life. Weddings are something that takes a lot of preparation and time to figure out. Your seating options should be one problem less, and wishbone chairs are a choice that you can’t go wrong with. Instead of thinking about which ones you want, now you have more time to seize every precious second.

Reach Us If You Need Help

Our dedicated B2B team is here to give you all the answers you need. Do not hesitate to reach them whenever you need any assistance. From general inquiries to problem solving situations, they stand at your service at all times.

Strong Logistic Infrastructure

Our byKALLEVIG warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United Kingdom which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Just ordered a large number of wishbone chairs for my client’s wedding. They like them so much. I am very satisfied with the price and with the way you handled my order. All the best.


My husband and I ordered a larger amount of wishbone chairs for our wedding three months ago and I just forgot to express my gratitude towards you guys for these lovely chairs. We are still using them in our home, they are absolutely beautiful.


I’ve ordered some Crossback Chairs for a space that I was decorating for a small wedding. I think we ordered around 20 of those from you guys. I loved the buying experience and how seamless it looked. I also haven’t had major issues with the delivery times as well.


As an interior designer, I have a lot of clients who order chairs for major events, and recently a wedding was one of them. I made a trading account with you guys because I wanted to make sure that I get the best treatment when ordering this big order of chairs. I love how it works and the prices are amazing.


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