Tulip Table

Oval Dining TableCarrara MarbleTUOD-CRH75 × W70 × D105 cm
Oval Dining TableCalacatta MarbleTUOD-CLH75 × W70 × D105 cm
Oval Dining TableWhite LacquerTUOD-LQH75 × W70 × D105 cm
Side TableWhite LacquerTU13-1H49 × W52 × D52 cm
Side TableCalacatta MarbleTU12A-1H49 × W52 × D52 cm
Side TableCarrara MarbleTU012-1H49 × W52 × D52 cm
Coffee TableWhite LacquerTU23-1MH41 × W105 × D70 cm
Coffee TableCalacatta MarbleTU22-1H41 × W105 × D70 cm
Coffee TableCarrara MarbleTU21A-1MH41 × W105 × D70 cm
Round Dining TableWhite LacquerTM022-1H75 × W100 × D100 cm
Round Dining TableCalacatta MarbleTM02-1H75 × W100 × D100 cm
Round Dining TableCarrara MarbleTM021-1H75 × W100 × D100 cm

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