Wishbone Chair

BlackBlack SeatDIB7611W4LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
German BeechBlack SeatDIB7611W7LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
WalnutBlack SeatDIB7611W11LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
BlackNatural SeatDIB7611W5LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
WhiteNatural SeatDIB7611W3LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
German BeechNatural SeatDIB7611W6LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
Canadian AshNatural SeatDIB7611W8LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
Canadian OakNatural SeatDIB7611W9LH77 × W53 × D52 cm
WalnutNatural SeatDIB7611W10LH77 × W53 × D52 cm

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