Dear Designer Impress Your Executive Team

A boardroom is where you make progress, achieve your goals and impress your peers. Your ideas, skills, and passions are being presented and evaluated. This is a place to be inspired but also professional, efficient, and on top of your game.

Professional Styling

Styling your boardroom takes kind of a different approach compared to other business rooms. Fewer chairs, more space in between, and a more structured aesthetic give boardrooms a more professional look that is necessary when discussing important decision-making topics. Besides first-class comfort, our office chairs will also give your boardroom that executive look that is necessary to style it properly.

Equip Your Boardroom

Supplying your boardroom with some fresh and nice-looking office chairs isn’t an easy task, but we do have a solution. Our office chairs are designed in such a way that not only fits your executive meeting room but it also makes sure that you feel comfortable at all times.

Reach Us If You Need Help

Our dedicated B2B team is here to give you all the answers you need. Do not hesitate to reach them whenever you need any assistance. From general inquiries to problem solving situations, they stand at your service at all times.

Strong Logistic Infrastructure

Our byKALLEVIG warehouses have an outstanding capacity of space which helps us organize and efficiently fulfill our orders in a timely manner. In addition to that, we have our facilities in various countries other than just the United Kingdom which helps us expand and improve the quality of our products.


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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Katie, Marketing Agency Owner

    Our new business expansion and movement to a bigger building required us to equip our interior with the best seating option available on the market. We truly appreciate that byKALLEVIG always gives us great quality office chairs for our agency and this time we gladly used their high cross office chairs for our brand new boardroom.

    Chris, Events Agency Founder

    We had finally to change our old school executive chairs, so we ordered the high office chairs from byKallevig. Honestly, we like or boardroom much more now with this fresh look. ByKallevig provided us with the finest office chairs while giving excellent service, quick delivery time, and professionalism. It is much appreciated.

    Geena, Record Label Manager

    It indeed is hard to choose the right type of office chair when it comes to a boardroom. ByKallevig is 100% one of the brands with the best variety and quality for office chairs. We are very grateful for your service, byKallevig.

    Sophie, Law Firm Partner

    Our board is genuinely happy about our partnership with ByKallevig. Brilliant quality of office chairs! ByKallevig has a high standard when it comes to high office chairs reproductions and delivers in a great time. Many thanks for shaping our boardroom on a high level.

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